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i think so

but this is normal. there must be people like that out there, or else who will love?

Contributed by Grace Miller

Breathtaking, alluring, unparalleled.

think harder about people. see them as more than just "beautiful".

Contributed by Grace Miller

Motivational Quote

I like this quote!

Contributed by Olivia Healey

I Believe

I Believe in...

Contributed by Julia Krier

funny quote

We all have those days

Contributed by Kayden McKenzie

Love everyone. The universe is so big, we need each other.

Contributed by Natalie Roberts


What you allow to happen will continue to happen. If you let someone use you, they will just keep using you.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

This is Kevin Spacey at his best answering a question that many people may ponder about in terms of finally making and such and how that may feel.

Contributed by Micheale Tesema

How is success measured

It is important to always remind ourselves what it personally means to be successful.

Contributed by Micheale Tesema

Always believe

When we change our attitude, we see more good around us and wonderful things become apparent.

Contributed by Trulie Cottman