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"People are like books, you can't judge them by their cover because you don't know their story."

Contributed by Kalie Watson


"I love you like a daughter! (and always will). With all my love support and encouragement" were written on a coffee cup given to me by a woman who believes in my success. This woman believes I will pursue my dreams in the future. This woman believes I will achieve my goals. This women believes in me. This woman watches out for me. This woman cares about me. She inspires me to reach to the top and succeed. I'm thankful for her care and hope in me which is why I cherish this coffee cup.

Contributed by Victoria Alison

Even the simple things matter the most.

Contributed by Tatum Roberts

We don't need someone to complete us

Contributed by Lily Johnson



Contributed by Katie Nehmer

Needing Some Motivation

Being lazy isn't usually the best option.

Contributed by Christian Yap

Thank you, Morgan Freeman, for saying what we're all thinking.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

I'm a firm believer that you can! If one doesn't fit, just take it off and try again.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Never cease to give your mind sustenance.

Contributed by Tori Griffin