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Quotation is the repetition of someone else's statement or thoughts. Quotation marks are punctuation marks used in text to indicate a quotation. Both of these words are sometimes abbreviated as "quote(s)".

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Can you make it happen

A powerful Nelson Mandela quote

Contributed by Micheale Tesema

Stop Digging

If you are in a bad spot, don't make your situation any worse for yourself. You know you are in a hole, don't dig deeper, work hard to get out of that hole.

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Inspirational Quote

Love yourself for who you are

Contributed by Briana Underwood

So Inspirational

What a deep, postive message. I was totally expecting that

Contributed by Le Hoang

Collect moments not things

Love this, simple yet beautiful

Contributed by Cara Jacobsen

The sky is the limit

You're the only one stopping yourself from your goals. If you want something bad enough, you will be able to achieve it.

Contributed by Quinn Cole

True story . . .

true story

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Contributed by Anonymous

the truth

Contributed by Anonymous

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