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Sad puppy

My cousin says that the puppy needs to wear pajamas to not be cold. Though I think Scamp would rather risk it than wear a pink frog suit.

Contributed by Kristine Clark

I am Dumbo!!!

Puppies with big ears will grow into them!

Contributed by Olivia Elder

Cute worlf puppy

Too cute

Contributed by Kristine Clark

Cup of tea anyone?

I'd be to afraid that I'd squash the little guy.

Contributed by Josh Milligan

This never fails to cheer me up if i am upset. Hope it does the same for you!

Contributed by Greg Auld

Apparently Shar Pei's are extremely wrinkly when they are young and will lose the wrinkles as they get older.... sort of the reverse from us. Anyways, just wanted to share the cuteness heart attack.

Contributed by Kristine Clark

Narcoleptic puppy

We were playing, then he just fell asleep and flopped over.

Contributed by Virginia Rich

Fell asleep with my sister's little puppy on the road trip back home!

I didn't even know that her puppy came on my lap to go to asleep. Like they say a dog is a man's best friend!

Contributed by Addison Foster

"Hey I know you!"

You look rather familiar...human

Contributed by Stephanie Steinhauser

Long Hair Don't Care

When I see this picture, the only thing that pops into my mind is "same".

Contributed by Stephanie Steinhauser