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Puppy vs Stuffed Bear

Which is the puppy and which is the stuffed bear?

Contributed by Lindsey Howes

I truly believe puppies could save the world from hatred. Puppy love is happy love.

Contributed by Anna Spanbauer

I want a puppy too

Contributed by Caoimhe Whitebloom

Meet Bucky!

Bucky is the dog that everyone dotes on in our building since he is the only puppy and all the other dogs are at least 10 years old. Bucky is smart. He is already potty trained and knows his name at three months.

Contributed by Brian Reynolds

Start them young..

This precious Shar'pei has learned to sit still on extended kayaking trips. Here he hides from the rain after exiting the water.

Contributed by Marleigh McCrimmon

Teeny Weeny Puppy

This puppy is so tiny and cute!

Contributed by Infi Nite


How cute is this puppy? I want one!

Contributed by Infi Nite

His name is Tucker!!

He's a Yorkshire Terrier.

Contributed by Mark McMillan

She Lost a Tooth

Anytime little Gracie loses a tooth she keeps her favorite toy in her mouth for the rest of the day.

Contributed by Kaitlyn Brielle

Why you taking picture of me?

This is my puppy Orion, he loves making silly faces when I take pictures of him!

Contributed by Briana Ricketts