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To da rescue!


Contributed by Sam Ralston

That belly!

This puppy is so darn cute.

Contributed by Sam Ralston

What a cutie!

Contributed by Sam Ralston

Puppy in a onesie

Contributed by Natalie Murphy

What a cutie

Contributed by Gloriana Michelle Calderon

Pup in a Cup

Don't you want a Chihuahua now?

Contributed by Taylor Noelle Baxley

Kevin the Shih Tzu

Contributed by Allison Paige Couch

how adorable!

Contributed by Alyssa Entrialgo

this made me want too cry, theres so many people out there who care about dogs!

Contributed by Alyssa Entrialgo

A cafe where i can be surrounded by adorable pups while sipping a chai tea latte-YES!! I love Korea and plan to travel there one day, bau house will def be my first stop while there! Also check out Simon and Martina, creators of EatYourKimchi, an amazing channel on youtube where they review KPOP music videos, korean culture and more plus they're extremely funny and are such an adorable couple with their pup Spudgy!

Contributed by Samantha Granados