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These will always be my favorite dogs. I LOVE CORGIS!!!

Contributed by Alyssa Laudato

Puppy Eyes

This puppy is getting whatever she wants...look at those eyes.

Contributed by Kelly Biermann

look how playful and curious this puppy is

Contributed by Elizabeth Pachenko

Some cute Pomeranians caught on film!

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

My puppy in a beanie

She was so tiny~

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

Six puppies with a lack of personal space sleeping together. So cute! More info here:

Contributed by Sam Feldstone


My puppy's name is Rupert (Rupy for short). I got my senior pictures done and this was by far my favorite!

Contributed by Noelle Lewandowski

Meet Max

Max is a Shizu we found on the side of the road a while ago. He had a skin infection all over and hair as long as 3 inches. One day we came home and heard a strange noise and found that he had accidentally knocked his right eye out during the excitement of us coming home. Thankfully he still has his other eye although he has trouble sometimes finding where people are.

Contributed by Jacob Reichhardt

A 9 week old Corgi puppy named Peanut Butter tries to go down the stairs with the coaxing of his owner Alvin Hsu. I found the video originally here:

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

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