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How to Spot a Liar, using this such as eye movement and speech. This is quite interesting and I'm planning on trying it out on my friends.

Contributed by Keri Potter

New research places blame on some people's ability to turn empathy on and off at will for psychopathic tendencies. If we can find a way to "activate the empathy switch" in psychopathic individuals, it's theorized that they could be rehabilitated. Read the whole, fascinating article here:

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

What does it mean to be happy. (Frontal lobe and frontal cortex)

Contributed by Kamilia Althea Worthy

This experiment just blows my mind and is part of the reason I love psychology and am so glad I'm majoring in it. How incredible (and slightly terrifying) is it that over the course of a few days, people changed so drastically? They became people they never thought they could be. Every time I watch a video about it, or read an article, I'm just blown away all over again.

Contributed by Sabine Glocker

love psychology

Contributed by Marimar Nava Bartlett

The mind is a rather amazing piece of the human body. it allows us to think and feel, to understand and ponder,but it also can be a trap for some people. How many times have you heard you couldn't accomplish or do a certain goal within the realm of tying through practice and perseverance? If you are a human it has happened countless times to you or other people. They make you feel weaker and make it seem impossible, sadly, if you do believe this it is impossible for you. This is because you have more control of your mind then you think. If you get told you can't do an objective enough times, then it becomes ingrained and pours over to your performance. The duality of this that if you do believe, you have a much better chance of achieving it. You can now see your goal or steps needed to be done to succeed in your activity.This may be a little contrived but let me say it a little simpler: thoughts are like types of food that we eat. if's something that we like it and it makes us feel good, the same for eating nasty food and hurting us. If you have good thoughts, you will have a good and strong ability to accomplish anything, but if you have bad thoughts you severely cut your chances of succeeding. So in conclusion, fill your brain with negativity and failure, that's what you get, but fill it with positive and confidence, you wouldn't be fighting yourself for the win. What do you think you fill your mind with? it can make all the difference in and out of the mind.

Contributed by Dalton Blankinship

Can you spot the difference between fake and real smiles?

Contributed by Keri Potter

Do you think why you bought a product and didn't buy the same thing with a different look? This is the one of the techniques to make people mentally salivate for products you're selling. Let's talk about it this way, do you normally buy bright colored, interesting products or color bland,dull products? You go into a s tore and see two cans of the same products on a shelf, you see the one on the left that is bland, uninteresting that says the name and just the nutritional information that they are required by law to put on there. the other can is bright, colorful, gives you a recipe and tells how healthy it is compared to other brands. The company with the first can was going spartan for it's can design: simple and essentials. The other can though looks pretty, it gives you an idea to use it, and it says it is healthier than other brands.its design is: is catchy, informative, and can help you by giving you an idea how to use it for a meal. You would definitively choose the second if you had a choice too and money wasn't too much a problem. It almost magnetizes you to it to buy it. this is why people pay millions for ad campaigns and consumer research, because they want to know the best way of making you by their product.

Contributed by Dalton Blankinship

Generally, when we see photos of people smiling we associate that they were having a good time at the time of the picture. But anyone who's ever been in a photo knows that people smile for the picture and then go back to what they were doing.

Contributed by Keri Potter

However corny this may seem, nodding while talking to someone actually makes them more likely to agree with you/do what you want them to do/like you.

Contributed by Keri Potter