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Prosthetic makeup

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To get a basic burn, put on the base color (in this photo that happens to be a grey/blue) and then apply a layer of liquid latex. Allow the latex to dry and then pinch and tear it to get the burns. This looks best if you also have pieces hanging - it gives it a hanging skin appearance. You then want to add yellow around the edges of the skin to make it appear real. Then you get to the fun part - blood! I have found that Ben Nye's fresh scab gives that nice clot look and Fleet Street dark blood looks like fresh blood! Burns are easy to do, and give a nice touch to costumes or zombies.

Contributed by Charley Bates

The Walking Dead Zombie Makeup Tips

Contributed by Alexandra Breed

Bald Cap attached with spirit gum, prosthetic eye (from Wal*Mart) attached with liquid latex and spirit gum, hair pulled from wig and attached with liquid latex, fake blood (corn syrup, red food coloring, green food coloring, cocoa and cornstarch), raisins will appear as clots

Contributed by Alexandra Breed

FX makeup for Halloween doesn't have to be hard! Here the subject is wearing a bald cap. The edges of the cap have been attached with spirit gum which can be located at your local party store. First, you will cover the subject's face with a thin layer of liquid latex. Next, you apply applied a layer of torn paper towels and yet another layer of liquid latex. Cover the paper towels and bald cap with flesh colored make up. The scar is also made of paper towels and liquid latex. Making these appear real is all in the shading of the make up!

Contributed by Alexandra Breed

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