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This website is an AMAZING place to go if you really don't know what prom dress to get. I will do this too! I will go on the website and look at random dresses and try to get an idea on a color or style or just to see what is in style for that year. Then i will go to the mall or a department store and look for a similar dress/style.

Contributed by Hayley Stensaas

Picture Ideas

When going to prom, it is always a GREAT idea to go to at least one dance in your high school life time that isn't with a date. I went to prom with a huge group of girls and had so much fun. This picture is of my friend Heidi and I. When we were getting our pictures taken, our cheeks hurt so bad so we decided to go with the crazy face. JUST REMEMBER: when going to prom, the most important thing to do is to have fun and BE YOURSELF!

Contributed by Hayley Stensaas

Prom Dress

This is a prom dress that I made for a Joanne Contest. It took me about 2 weeks, working 3-4 hours a day on it. I had to redo some parts of the dress a couple of times, like the way the fabric was facing and the zipper and such. I found out with this project that boning is actually pretty easy as long as you cut it short enough.

Contributed by Jessica Kieft

This one gave me a laugh.

Contributed by Alicia Kimberly Hauskins

Looks great! Beautiful A-line strapless long gown. A definite possibility for me!

Contributed by Lacee Kabrina

Prom Picks And Tips

Contributed by Lorena Gan

Miami Heat player, Dwayne Wade, surprises a girl at her prom. That is so sweet of him.

Contributed by Mary Joseph

Joyce Grendel, 18, sent a tweet to Cleveland Browns football star Joe Haden and he said yes. defensive back Joe Haden. He gave her the princess treatment when her date fell through. He showed up to pick her up in a Lamborghini, and, although very nervous, according to sources, showed her a very good time.

Contributed by Mary Joseph

Prom with my boyfriend and best friend

Contributed by Alex Rojas

My date & I had a BLAST at our masquerade themed PROM! My advice, get your prom dress early so you don't have to stress about it! & of course, HAVE FUN!! :)

Contributed by Rhiannon Moore