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Procrastination (from Latin's "procrastinare", that translates in to: the prefix pro-, 'forward', and the suffix -crastinus, 'till next day' from cras, 'tomorrow') is the avoidance of doing a task that needs to be accomplished. Sometimes, procrastination takes place until the "last minute" before a deadline. Procrastination can take hold on any aspect of life—putting off cleaning the stove, repairing a leaky roof, seeing a doctor or dentist, submitting a job report or academic assignment or breaching a stressful issue with a partner. Procrastination can lead to feelings of guilt, inadequacy, depression, and self-doubt.

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"One needs to be able to recognize and commit oneself to tasks with inflated importance and unreal deadlines, while making oneself feel that they are important and urgent. This is not a problem, because virtually all procrastinators have excellent self-deceptive skills also. And what could be more noble than using one character flaw to offset the bad effects of another?"

Contributed by Lucy Zhang

Definition of procrastination

It's all how you see it.

Contributed by Megan Kocina

You don't

You don't know how much time you have or whether you will ever be able to accomplish what you are seeking to do... or what you keep putting off till tomorrow.

Contributed by Madeline Johnson

Three steps for kicking the habit!

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Some of the best artists were huge procrastinators. Take Leonardo Da Vinci for example, he had many more incomplete projects than he had finished ones. Not only was he an artist, but he was also an architect, a scientist, an inventor; a true Renaissance Man. That meant a huge variety of projects to start and perhaps never go back to.

Contributed by Felicia Nicole McCoy

Many people deal with procrastination. But the ones who don't, end up becoming successful.

Contributed by Jessica Navarrete

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