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Privilege (law)

A privilege is a certain entitlement to immunity granted by the state or another authority to a restricted group, either by birth or on a conditional basis. Land-titles and taxi medallions are pronounced examples of transferable privilege. These can be revoked in certain circumstances. In modern democratic states, a privilege is conditional and granted only after birth. By contrast, a right is an inherent, irrevocable entitlement held by all citizens or all human beings from the moment of birth. Various examples of old common law privilege still exist, to title deeds, for example. Etymologically, a privilege (privilegium) means a "private law", or rule relating to a specific individual or institution.

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Don't live beneath your privileges!

Contributed by Kason Heaton

The ability to access healthcare is often debated if it should be a right or privilege given to citizens. I agree that healthcare should be a right and an individual should be given the choice to purchase or not purchase it. Healthcare should not be earned because this is basically saying an individual must break his leg so many times to receive care or must be a certain age to receive care for example Medicare. Currently, health care is a privilege which means it is granted to you but can be revoked at any time. Healthcare is either revoked because 1). Individual lost his or her job (losing benefits) 2.) Individual can no longer afford the care 3). Individual feels the care is worthless and does not use it. Healthcare is provided at the want of the individual but when the Affordable Care Act is passed then it will be a right because it is something you are born with. Moreover since the ACA makes it mandatory this will remove any aspect of it being a privilege because citizens will be fined if they do not have it. In the article, “Is healthcare a privilege or a right? GOP view is clear” author David Lazarus brings light to each party’s views on healthcare. Republicans view healthcare as a privilege and not a right. Unfortunately this causes approximately 50 million people being uninsured, resulting, in the nation’s overall health to decrease. Therefore, citizens are not going to the doctors or wait too late to be treated. Republicans disagree with the Affordable Care Act because of its policy design. They feel that the policy should be clearer. The individual mandate in the ACA forces citizens to sign up for health insurance and I wouldn’t call that a right or privilege. Instead, it’s more of a dictator’s act to get involved in our lives. Also, the article stated “the law's expansion of Medicaid violates states' rights and represents an act of coercion by the federal government.” Stated in the book, policies should have clear objectives and leaders must be flexible when implementing the policy. If the policy is ineffective than another alternative must be devised. Moreover, I believe when the ACA is enacted there will be several revisions made to it. The topic of healthcare can be tricky because it is awarded on an individual basis and that individual ultimately has the choice of either purchasing it or not in our current system. Lazarus concluded with a rhetorical statements questioning the position of society in an individual’s life, that is does society have some sort of obligation to its people to make healthcare a right? I agree that healthcare is a public or private service that is provided to individuals. I found it interesting in The Hills article, “Is healthcare a right, a privilege or neither?” that our Founders’ goals were to “reserve our right to purchase healthcare on the free market.” This allows opportunities for individuals to “purchase [healthcare] at affordable rates, not by allowing healthcare controlled by bureaucrats. Word Count: 500 References: Lazarus, David. "Is Healthcare a Privilege Or a Right? GOP View is Clear." Los Angeles TimesMar 30 2012. ProQuest. Web. 27 June 2013 .

Contributed by Amber Bennett

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