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Pop-Tarts is a brand of rectangular, pre-baked, convenience food toaster pastries that the Kellogg Company introduced in 1964. Pop-Tarts have a sugary filling sealed inside two layers of thin, rectangular pastry crust. Most varieties are also frosted. Although sold pre-cooked, they are designed to be warmed inside a toaster or microwave oven. They are usually sold in pairs inside Mylar (previously foil) packages and do not require refrigeration.

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Homemade Pop-Tarts

Contributed by Rochelle Warren

All Flavor Poptarts

1. Apple Cinnamon 2. Apple Strudel 3. Blueberry 4. Brown Sugar Cinnamon 5. Caramel Chocolate 6. Cherry 7. Chocolate Chip 8. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough 9. Chocolate Fudge 10. Chocolate Vanilla Creme 11. Cinnamon Roll 12. Cookies and Creme 13. Double Berry 14. French Toast 15. Hot Chocolate 16. Hot Fudge Sundae 17. Mint Chocolate Chip 18. Raspberry 19. S'Mores 20. Strawberry 21. Strawberry Cheese Danish 22. Strawberry Milkshake 23. Wild Berry + Limited Edition flavors!

Contributed by Laura Diana Escamilla

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