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Polyglotism or polyglottism is the ability to master, or the state of having mastered, multiple languages. The word is a synonym of multilingualism, but in recent usage polyglot is sometimes used to refer to a person who learns multiple languages as an avocation. The term "hyperpolyglot" was coined in 2008 by linguist Richard Hudson to describe individuals who speak—to some degree—dozens of languages.

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Italian polyglot Luca Lampariello speaks in 8 languages.

Contributed by Monica Zoe Cruz

Richard Simcott from Macedonia speaks in 16 languages.

Contributed by Monica Zoe Cruz

Tim is a teenager that lives in NYC. He has studied around 20 languages and his level of proficiency is different in all of them.

Contributed by Monica Zoe Cruz

CBS 5 Bay Sunday (San Francisco) interview about the book, Language is Music, with book author, Susanna Zaraysky who speaks 7 languages.

Contributed by Monica Zoe Cruz

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