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According to recent claims by a medical doctor in Melbourne, Australia, there is now reason to believe that virtually every human being on the planet Earth has chemical pollutants in their body, as will all of those born in the near future. It seems, according to research, that even creating a safer enviroment now would not help those yet to be born soon, as the effects of pollution last for as few, possibly more, as 3 generations in a family. Despite the fact that this pollution crisis has been known for many years by most world leaders, there has been little, if any effort in most countries to curb the problem of pollution. Now, all human beings now, and in the near future, will feel the effects of their neglect.

Contributed by Sean Gay

Research suggests that pollution, especially from cars, can cause kidney problems. Think about that during the next traffic jam or before moving nearby a busy road.

Contributed by Sammo Lea

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