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Pokémon (video game series)

Pokémon is a series of video games developed by Game Freak and published by Nintendo as part of the Pokémon media franchise. First released in 1996 in Japan for the Game Boy, the main series of role-playing video games (RPGs) has continued on each generation of Nintendo's handhelds.

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All the Pokemon games that Game Freak and Creatures Inc have created was fun and exciting for any pokemon fan. This new creation for the Nintendo 3DS game Pokemon X and Y will be even better. This game in particular has better graphic than the previous generations.It has New Pokemon, New Adventures, New friends etc.. Enter the Pokemon World and experience the Adventure. Released on 10/12/2013

Contributed by Jessie Marrero

As any Pokemon fan who has stayed with the series for more than one generation will know, there is a big debate on whether GameFreak has gone too far, especially when the last two game titles Pokemon Black and Pokemon White, along with the less than great reviewed Pokemon Dungeon: Gates to Infinity. Have they run out of ideas? Are the battle mechanics too boring? Why can't we sit on benches?! Have no fear, new Pokemon games have appeared! And with them, new hope. While some fans will never be gained back (Known to the internet as "genwunners"), many new and old trainers are setting their sights on the first Pokemon game to be released on 3DS. While only a handful of Pokemon have been leaked and officially announced, the community are slowly nodding their heads in approval. While yes, food Pokemon seem to be a thing now, but otherwise, the designs have been solid. But not only did they design new Pokemon, give us the ability to finally sit on a bench, or the fact that they even gave us sky and horde battles but because of one important and game "fixing" element; Fairy type. If you've ever peaked at the competition side of Pokemon, you're going to see a dragons and a lot of them and for good reason. Dragons are terribly overpowered and this issue has finally been resolved. Not only does Fairy level the playing field, it'll force old trainers to rethink their strategies with a whole new Pokemon type introduced. What else is new? The fact that it's on 3DS! What does this mean? Awesome graphics, including sprites and attacks. Keeping true to the PokeWorld, the game looks bright, charming and vibrant. While not the first type seeing our PokeFriends in 3D, it'll be the first in the main series. And because of the improved sprites, we'll be able to enjoy looking at our taller and more flexible main characters who can, yes I'm going to mention it again, SIT ON BENCHES. Oh, and also ride on a super cute goat Pokemon. Pretty cool! What else does this game have going for it? What do dedicated fans always ask for in each new installment? The answer is connection. No, not to other trainers, while that is also very important, but the answer is the Pokemon themselves. Sadly because Pokemon aren't real, we can't have that magical bond we see trainers in the anime have with their Pokemon partners. However, we look for that connection with the games. While no much has really been done towards this, we've seen some efforts such as letting our Pokemon walk besides our sprite or raise their invisible friendship bar. Now, we have Pokemon-Amie, a part of the game that looks kinda like Nintendogs but with cute cuddly creatures that could kill you in real life with no effort. We can pet, feed and play with our Pokemon? Enough said. "Blah, blah. The new Pokemon still look stupid." - Every Pokemon Fan who stopped at Red/Blue. Well, how about "new" old Pokemon? What? New evolutions? To already fully evolved Pokemon? Whaaaaat? I'm talking about mega evolutions. Yeah, some people's minds have been blown since Nintendo has changed the unofficial law of Pokemon; Pokemon can evolve only twice. WRONG. While it's true that they aren't "True" evolutions (they're forms which means they're temporary), it's still exciting. It brings not only new battle strategies, it gives our old Pokemon new updated looks. While some will be hit and miss, the ones that have been confirmed have generally gotten the feedback of "Woah. Bad ass!!!" Yeah. Awesome. The game is still a month away, the excitement is running high. Some people are even buying a whole new system because of this game. And why not? It's clear that the Pokemon Franchise isn't down yet and things look bright.

Contributed by Jasmine Nhi Nguyen

The sixth generation of Pokemon introduced the Fairy-type Pokemon, and the new formes of certain Pokemon called the Mega-Evolutions. Such Pokemon that can Mega-Evolve include, but are not limited to, Kangaskhan, Blaziken, Mewtwo, and Ampharos.

Contributed by Ian Kramer

This is the Trailer for the latest released Pokemon games.

Contributed by Ian Kramer

Sky Battle between Haunter and a new sixth generation pokemon Talonflame; evolved form of Fletchling.

Contributed by Julian Pete Zaragoza

In the new sixth generation of Pokemon, new types of battling have been added to the newly developed double battling, triple battling and rotation battling. Horde battles, as well as sky battles are entering the continue Pokemon series. You can can encounter up to five random Pokemon at a time. This adds more excitement to training and leveling up your partner! Sky battles will send out your flying type Pokemon to battle each other as it first appeared in the Pokemon anime episode Pokemon Black and White Season 15 episode 73.

Contributed by Julian Pete Zaragoza

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