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If you haven't heard, EV training is currently the most popular way to train Pokemon when battling competitively. EV training takes some getting used to, but it becomes easy the more you practice. Here are some video links that teach the basics of EV Training! (Competitive Battling Guide by Kanto University; a detailed series for the serious battlers) (How to EV Train by Tamashii Hiroka, who is good at keeping it simple) (EVs and IVs Explained by JWittz; explains what EVs ARE and what they mean)

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I wana see this real life pokemon movie!!!

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Amazing skills!

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/Not sure what a certain attack means? Check out this website!

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Every word has a root of origin . So why not find out the origin of pokemons' name

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This link has an article that has been floating around for a few months. It has a unique view about pokemon check it out

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Pokemon Rejection

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Pokemon X & Y: Coming October 2013

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