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I banged my gun all around, And then I heard a cry, The soldier right next to me, Had fallen down to die. I knew I was next to go, I felt it in my blood, And then I heard a boom, And my gun dropped with a thud. Searing pain shot through me, I screamed and fell on my knees, I filled the whole sky, With my anguished cries of pleas “Don’t let me die dear Jesus, I have three kids and a wife, Please let me see them one last time, Before you take my life?” I then sank down upon the ground, And took my last breath, I knew then that I had to succumb, To the cold hand of death. The angels and saints stood all around, I was happy as could be, Because I knew then, at that moment, That God had chosen me.

Contributed by Cecilia Anthony

"First of all, it’s being 9 years old and feeling like you’re not finished, like your edges are wild, like there’s something, everything, wrong. it’s dropping food coloring in your eyes to make them blue and suffering their burn in silence." This poem really spoke to me in high school. That's only part of it. Follow the link for a blogger's take on it, as well as the full poem.

Contributed by Brianna Kay Colbert

This is one of my favorite videos. There are so many things I did not know could count as a poem.

Contributed by Joseph Perry


Contributed by Justine Green

Baby Girl

Contributed by Justine Green


Contributed by Justine Green

In Memory

Contributed by Justine Green


Contributed by Justine Green

The greatest gift I could ever give was my absence.

Contributed by Justine Green

Time and time again I dream of nothing And time and time again Nothing comes true

Contributed by Justine Green