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Phil Kaye is an amazing poet and his take on america suburb is quite interesting and beautifully portrayed.

Contributed by Elyssa Chancey

Anyone at the top? Anyone can get there Their own place in history A famous story of their own To be significant in the workings of memory A wonderful model for anyone Once an ordinary person Now someone at the top

Contributed by Alex Thiel

Visual Poetry


Contributed by Sarah Buerker

Cartoon Physics by Nick Flynn

Cartoon Physics, part 1 By Nick Flynn Children under, say, ten, shouldn't know that the universe is ever-expanding, inexorably pushing into the vacuum, galaxies swallowed by galaxies, whole solar systems collapsing, all of it acted out in silence. At ten we are still learning the rules of cartoon animation, that if a man draws a door on a rock only he can pass through it. Anyone else who tries will crash into the rock. Ten-year-olds should stick with burning houses, car wrecks, ships going down—earthbound, tangible disasters, arenas where they can be heroes. You can run back into a burning house, sinking ships have lifeboats, the trucks will come with their ladders, if you jump you will be saved. A child places her hand o

Contributed by Courtney Meunier

Love this poem from Shane Koyczan! He's an incredible writer and speaker.

Contributed by Holly Darrow

The greatest part about poetry is how people express themselves. Interpretation is everything! :)

Contributed by Claire Robinson

My Image Image- despite your tries, Despite your cries, What are you under your makeup? Image- the fault in society, That brings tears to your diary, The sound of a heart breaking. Image is why- Why men leave women in lust for another Why women draw blood from their wrists they wear long sleeves to cover. The false image of perfection Leads women to the direction Of hell. Because what is good enough? Written by me, Kendra Rayann Crews

Contributed by Kendra Crews

I love poetry, and sometimes try my hand at it. I posted some of my work on this website. It would be cool if you guys could visit it, look at my work, and give me your honest no-filters-needed opinion. Thanx

Contributed by Jordan Griffin

You only want pieces You want my breath against your neck As you thrust fire into my garden, You want my star crusted words That paint galaxies before you, You want me in the summer Skin soft, lips soft – passion. But it isn’t me you want at all You want a future with her Four kids and a dog Four walls and a roof Four years and no fights; Safety. And the thing is If you don’t want all of me You can have her. Enjoy your white walls, White fence, White neighborhood, And your gray life. And when you wake up, 3 am, Sweat drenched and salt streaked, I hope it’s me that bleeds from your pores, Eyes wide with desire, And passion, Dripping from your soul -kira p.

Contributed by Kira Pfost

Your body, Sculpted by angels, Painted by demons, The way the paint forms your curves, How the brush shows the warmth on your skin, Dreams pour into my mind like liquid. Sketches bring out the definition in your cheeks, - Scratch, From my newly shaved jaw against your hips. I show the passion in my heart, Not through the course words on my tongue, But the slight touch of my ice cold fingertips on your thighs. - Freeze Time in it’s place. Slow the pace of my heart pounding - Thump, Thump, Thud. Pounding for the sweet taste of your skin. Every move you make send chills down my spine, You make me crazy with your lips whispering my name, Over, And over. When you move your body, The smell of sweet cream and peaches fill my lungs. All it takes is a breath on my chest to make my heart drop, I can feel the love radiate off your body. My sweater you had on is laying on the floor, Dropped with closed eyes and open hearts. When our lips touch my body loosens up, Your kiss makes my hair stand up, It sends fireworks above our heads. Temperature outside drops below 0, As the fireplace keeps the bedroom a shiny crimson. Soft Christmas music plays as I slip my fingers between yours, Slowly pulling you closer to feel your hips against mine. Fast asleep I do not wake one so beautiful, I only gaze at what a gem I have to myself, With a playful smile I move in close, For a slight kiss on your forehead. I could stay like this forever. I love you. I can not live without you close to me like this, No one will fit my body as well as you girl. Fall asleep my love, I love you.

Written by me

Contributed by Jordan Geissinger-Carver