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Brown eyes

the Mexican poet Amado Nervo once said: "You want your eyes to be blue like the heavens, but when I look into your eyes, I see heaven."

Contributed by Libby Anderson


This is absolutely beautiful. I honestly don't know who wrote this because it isn't listed, if anyone knows who wrote it, I would love to know!

Contributed by Libby Anderson

The sestina is one of my favorite forms of poetry. Here's a link to check out more info!

Contributed by Marcella Smith

"for life's not a paragraph and death i think is no parenthesis" In my quest to see whether I actually like poetry or not, I stumbled across this one. "Since feeling is first" sums up how it feels when trying to absorb all of the new knowledge and feelings that different phases of life bring. The poem contains some interesting thoughts to keep in mind!

Contributed by Rachel Peterson

This is another one of my favorite spoken words.

Contributed by Victoria Covington

Spoken word is a powerful form of poetry. I found this particular spoken word to be rather inspirational.

Contributed by Victoria Covington

my favorite color

spring turns into summer, summer turns into autumn, autumn turns into winter; seasons change, but you remain

Contributed by Tz Slaton

Favorite Sweater

Have you ever felt this way about anyone?

Contributed by Tz Slaton


I took the photo before the I posted this piece I wrote before. The sharp contrast between the Mask we wear with a beautiful background always shines differently by its beholder.

Contributed by Michael Ryan

Sarah Kay's whit and creativity is beautifully expressed through her words and her hands

Contributed by Elyssa Chancey