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Plasma or plasm may refer to:

Science and technology

  • Plasma (physics), an ionized state of matter similar to a gas. Common applications include the following:
    • Plasma antenna, a type of radio antenna that uses plasma instead of the metal elements of a traditional antenna
    • Plasma display, a flat-panel electronic visual display technology, commonly used for televisions
    • Plasma globe, a novelty item that was most popular in the 1980s
    • Plasma lamp, a type of electrode-less lamp energized by radio frequency power
    • Plasma weapon, any theoretical firearm designed to use plasma (high-energy ionized gas)
    • Plasma arc welding, joining of metals by coalescence using plasma arc as a heat source with or without filler metal
    • Plasma cutting, cutting of metals using a plasma arc
    • Plasma ignition, application of plasma in ignition of fuels
    • Plasma smelting, smelting of metals using plasma
  • Quark–gluon plasma, an extremely energetic state of matter where nuclear particles dissociate into free quarks and gluons

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