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Pit bull

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American pit bull terrier

Contributed by Walter Cortez Jr.

pitbulls are very loyal and they can protect you

Contributed by Kevel Flash Kingsberry

They are what we make them...

Contributed by Colleen McCaughey Johnson

Pictured above is hero, Sergeant Stubby. He became the first dog to rank in the U.S. Armed Forces. Sergeant Stubby served in 17 battles. Stubby even learned a dog version of a salute by pressing his right paw against his right eye brow.

Contributed by Alexandra Breed

Theodore Roosevelt's family and pit bull

Contributed by Alexandra Breed

Helen Keller and her pit, Sir Thomas.

Contributed by Alexandra Breed

Pit bulls are often feared, as they are labeled dangerous, vicious, and unpredictable. This, however, is far from the truth. Pit bulls used to be the #1 family dog. People such as President Woodrow Wilson, President Theodore Roosevelt, General George S. Patton, Helen Keller, and the list goes on, all owned pit bulls! Take a look for yourself! Follow this link to learn the history of pit bulls and learn the truth about some huge myths!

Contributed by Alexandra Breed

This is my pit bull, Roxy. We're not sure if she's purebred or mixed - I personally think she has some lab in her. Either way, this type of pit bull is called "blue nose" - odd since their nose is not blue. Pit bulls are quite controversial due to the negative media coverage. However, I firmly believe that it is the owner, not the dog that dictates how a dog will behave.

Contributed by Helen Fang