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Pit bull

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People make them out to be such bad creatures, when really they are not. It is always in how they are raised. People take the voice of others which isn't fair for the dogs themselves because they can not stand up for themselves. They are amazing animals.

Contributed by Remington Brandon

I hate the stereotypes on any kind of animal but mainly about Pit Bulls

Contributed by Markel Porter

I Have a Pitbull...

The misconception is so wrongly accused.

Contributed by Valerie Casso

My Pitbull Mix

This is Bentley , my pitbull mixed with blue heeler, and he's the sweetest dog I have ever had.

Contributed by Valerie Casso

Cute Accessories

Pitbull comes with two subwoofers!! Adorable.

Contributed by Alyssa Green

This is a great web site with lots of great information and a better understanding of pit bulls.

Contributed by Erica Helsley

They're just like every other dog!

Contributed by Jessica Duez

Sad fact, especially since some people believe all pit bulls are dangerous animals.

Contributed by Jessica Duez

Sonny Ray

Follow Dogumantry on Instagram ! Once you see the videos and pictures posted you'll fall in love !

Contributed by Courtney Walsh

Not only do these incredible people rescue dogs from kill shelters, they foster and help them obtain a "forever home" check them out! They have cool raffles and hold meet and greets for the dogs they rescue. Maybe you can give a pup the forever home it deserves, while NOT supporting horrific puppy mills!

Contributed by Courtney Walsh