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I do understand the importance of physics and law enforcement, but just imagine the possibilities...

Contributed by Sarah Hamatake

The phenomenon of Toroidal Vortices or "Vortex rings" demonstrated. Ever seen someone blow smoke rings? It is the same process! =)

Contributed by Alyssa Green

This link shows some of the concepts of physics with tutorials and helpful practice.

Contributed by Justin Bloomer

Physics is used in everyday life. Simply living involves physics every single day. When you walk you oppose gravity, or when driving a car as it transfers energy in its engine to allow it to move, and even when eating your body changes food to energy so you can live.

Contributed by Justin Bloomer

Great explanation of Einstein's general theory ! Very interesting

Contributed by Sharif Shears

If science states that something is only real if we sense it with any of our 5 senses, than how do we know that cold exists? When something is cold it really is just missing the absence of heat, and for instance if your professor teaches you something, how do you know its true or real?

Contributed by Andres Martinez