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I have been doing this work out by Anytime Fitness and I can honestly say I am seeing positive changes to by body. Hard work really does pay off :)

Contributed by Nga Tran

Often times, when we think of working out, we think we're supposed to be lifting massive weights and running ten miles everyday. In reality, a doctor's recommendation is to get in at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. And exercise can come in many different forms. You can run and lift weights or you can go canoeing, you can jump rope, you can dance, you can go rock climbing. The possibilities are endless!

Contributed by Ashley Phang

Tips, tricks, and advice for fat loss and strength gains at the same time from an experienced coach and trainer. Knowledge both male and female could use for a healthier, stronger lifestyle

Contributed by Ryan Ellis

Great work-out

Contributed by Toya Dijonna

Mcdonalds is FAR from H E A L T H L Y

Contributed by Toya Dijonna

Don't like medicine ? your body is a natural healier; yes it true ! Watch

Contributed by Toya Dijonna

The Ultimate style of racing

Contributed by Stephen Edwards