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Killer Kardio

Contributed by Angie Grant

A great YouTube channel full of a variety of exercises. Whether you're trying to train abs or learning yoga, they have something for everyone.

Contributed by Lauren Jones

I absolutely love this Victoria's Secret inspired workout series by POP Pilates. The angel arms and the Victoria's secret abs workouts are my favorite. They are pretty fun and they give a good workout.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

A work out based on a Disney Princess Movie. I love this concept. This could be adapted to any movie or even that tv show you watch all the time. Example: An episode of Supernatural, 10 burpies every time Cass missuses or misunderstands a pop culture reference.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

Nike Training Club app! Free to download. A real challenge! Exercise!

Contributed by Lizzie Briley

Best workout plan EVER.

Contributed by Kelsey Gaffney

All it takes is 30 minutes a day of brisk walking to live a fit and healthy life. Of course, you are also what you eat ;)

Contributed by Peter Na

This website is NOT just for men but for everybody. It has a million different articles, recipes and workouts for and size, shape, goal, or age! Don't let the URL intimidate you!

Contributed by Kelsey Gaffney

1. There’s always time exercise. It doesn’t always have to be running or weightlifting. It could be lunges while folding laundry, walking to class, and a 10 minute study break of dancing. 2. Change things up. I have found it to be true that getting creative with a workout makes it easier to keep going. This applies to a diet as well. Drop cookies for carrots. Carrots are cheaper too. 3. Pass on the soda. Water is the best thirst quencher in existence. Any craving for a sweet drink can be satisfied with fruit juice. A soda from time to time is fine as long as it’s in moderation. 4. Go green. This one came from my grandparents. Their doctor suggested they eat more leafy greens. They passed that wisdom onto me and I’m listening.

Contributed by Ashleigh Linse

Do you have small children? This might sound silly, but I have found that dancing to kids songs with full body motions has helped me to tale off the baby weight, and it is a fun way to play with your toddler! This video is one example of a fun, fast-paced children's song with easy choreography!

Contributed by Alicia Kimberly Hauskins