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this seems really fun

Contributed by Krystal Papineau

Just wanted to know what you all think. I personally believe this is bs.

Contributed by Cassandra Lee Rodriguez

For big biceps you need to do one-arm pullups. For make one-arm pullups you need to get big biceps. This is a vicious circle, you lose!

Contributed by Marcus Hammonds

Bloat Reduction

Do you have the flat(ish) stomach that you've been working hard for in the morning, but have a gut by the end of the day? It might be bloating! Try these tips and see if the bloating reduces for you.

Contributed by Chelsea Rae

Why you should exercise!

Exercising is only positive!

Contributed by Chelsea Rae

Sometimes it's difficult to feel the contraction of the back. A GREAT tip to always remember is think of your hands as just hooks and to always pull with your elbows

Contributed by Anthony Lebario

Shaun T (insanity) and Doctor Oz. 15 minute miracle workout.

Contributed by Shifa Khan

really awesome beginners zumba

Contributed by Shifa Khan

30 second plank, 25 regular crunches, 10 side lunges, 25 sit-ups. x3

Contributed by Jasmine Bell

30 day Challenge!

Contributed by Jessica E Quesada