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Stuck at home workout

Stuck at home due to snow or other unfortunate circumstances? Can't get in a good workout? Use this to turn your house into a workout area!

Contributed by Bridget Vail Franceschina

Keep going!

Knowing the levels of fuel use in cardio will ensure you have the most effective workout!

Contributed by Bridget Vail Franceschina

I was have trouble working out on my own. Getting a friend to work out with me has helped. Maybe if you have trouble working out you should get a work out buddy too.

Contributed by Taylor Truesdell

Many trainers & lifters alike perform the Romanian deadlift wrong. Most if not all, make the mistake of turning the Romanian deadlift into a stiff-legged deadlift which takes the away from the purpose of the exercise. Here is a useful guide to get it right the first time.

Contributed by Deadlift Workouts

This video is an at-home, limited equipment workout that is so fast and effective! The girls are fun and help you achieve the perfect form for a great workout. Ready to look and feel great in shorts? This video is for you!

Contributed by Amanda Payne

I ordered my six pack months ago, and it's still not here! Must be coming Fed-Ex.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Yep, that's accurate.

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Workout T-Shirt

This is so clever! "Just two more inches of sweat, and my workout's done!"

Contributed by Tori Griffin

Yeah, I sang that.

Contributed by Tori Griffin