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Contrast in Nature

I liked the yellow and green colors of this flower shot in contrast to the blue background of the sky. When I shot it, the flower made me think about the frailty of our individual lives and our personal struggles to reach the Light.

Contributed by Brian Reynolds

Beautiful Sunset in Madagascar

Passerby enjoy a beautiful sunset at the Avenue of the Baobabs located outside of Morondava in Madagascar.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

A quote paraphrased from a friend of mine. I feel like it means to capture moments and remember every day.

Contributed by Jamee Nicole


I was exploring the lake behind my great uncles house and snapped this serene photo it reminds me that even when everything is hectic and messy there's still beauty in everyday things.

Contributed by Jamee Nicole

Don't Forget Those We've Lost This Fourth of July

I took this a few years ago at Ground Zero and I hope it acts as a reminder of not only September 11th, but also July 4th, the day we celebrate our freedom.

Contributed by Isabella Diorio

Reflection with Leaves

I thought the water reflection and the leaves was a cool combo, the lighting plays a big role in this photo. Taken in Bloomington, Indiana.

Contributed by Alyssa Wood


I love the variety of cacti and I think this picture demonstrates how beautiful they can be. Taken in Phoenix, Arizona

Contributed by Alyssa Wood


I took this picture a while back and I love all of the color from it and the angle I managed to get, the combination of it all made it into a very nice picture!

Contributed by Alyssa Wood

From the first photographs ever taken in the 1820s to the first image of a hydrogen atom in 2013, this pretty much covers just about every major milestone in photography history

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Closeup of Light Bulb

This is a neat closeup of a lightbulb in my refrigerator. I like how the camera captured the electricity and by the way I took this in September 2012.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone