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Whimsical Deer

This deer, in front of all those colors, airing some pretty-looking antlers, just looks so beautiful. Of course, the deer is just standing in front of a tree and the colors may have been tweaked a bit; but I see this as a representation of how nature can have this sort of whimsical effect in reality~ (P.S. I'm sorry I don't know who the original taker is. Credits are all to them though)

Contributed by Hannah Estrella


A picture of the sky, I have no idea where or when the picture was taken but I do like the made shades of blue in the sky.

Contributed by Collin Coleman

Beartooth Highway

A highway going through the Rocky Mountains in Montana; photo taken by Kirsten Alana

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Sunset photography

Sunsets are so spectacular. This photo taken by my Dad just shows off the colors or the sky and his potential for photography. lol.

Contributed by Izzy Gomez

The power of the Iphone 5c

Now I know using an Iphone for professional photography doesn't seem ideal but... the results seem to show otherwise. Photographer: Me

Contributed by George Velez

Cotton ginn

I took a picture of this building cause I thought it was cool I later learned that it was once a cotton gin used for slave labor.

Contributed by Jamee Nicole


I took this sunset photo on my way into South Carolina this summer on vacation

Contributed by Jamee Nicole

Icee Sun

This is an Icee I got from a Target store in Salisbury back in 2012. It kind of looks like the sun.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone



Contributed by Jordan Griffin

Swimming in Hawaii

Lovely photo of someone swimming in Hawaii taken by Benjamin Everett

Contributed by Sam Feldstone