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My favorite flowers

Contributed by Chastity Priscilla Alvarez

I am a rising senior with a passion for photography. This photograph was taken with milk, food coloring, and oil. Enjoy!

Contributed by McKenna Shuster

Check out my blog for new and interesting photographs

Contributed by McKenna Shuster

Ferris Wheel

Contributed by Sam Heaps

what i love about photography is the fact that i can take pictures of anything and share them with the world. being able to take photos of this beautiful country we live in is amazing and i wish more people could see the benifits of it. Photos make the world a happier place.

Contributed by Tonisha Martin

Adam Jay is a photographer who has garnered some Internet fame by photographing subjects, like cosplayers, in super-realistic costumes. His art has sometimes been critisized for being "too dark" (the lighting), but he replies that since his subjects are usually characters who step out of darkness, the lighting fits! There's no denying the talent here. His subjects are captured in a way that resemble Hollywood movie posters and epic scenes.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

An infographic depicting the size of the aperture inside a camera at each F-stop. The F-stop numbers often seem counter-intuitive to beginners in photography, but it's easier to wrap your head around if you think about how these F-stop correlate to light. At F 1.4, the aperture is wide open, allowing in a lot of light. That's because you don't have enough light on your subject, so you need to compensate. At F 22, you might be shooting in bright sunlight outdoors, and need to compensate for that harsh light by closing down that aperture.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

This a great video about photography and composition.

Contributed by Pablo Treto

Here's a link to some beautiful long exposure photography of fireworks, as photographed by Alan Sailer. By adjusting the camera controls, he can snap a picture that takes in light over a longer period of time, creating these beautiful water-color like renditions of firework explosions in the sky.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

Photo Blog- Food Photography.

Contributed by LaKiasha WiiLson