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Dvorak Hall Babe

Best moment ever

Contributed by Peter Sohn

Eye Drop

Wow! Wait, What....? How....? Did it...? Help me out here...

Contributed by Vanessa Lam


This was something that I made in Graphic Design and was one of my top favorite designs. Hope you all like it.

Contributed by Gloriana Michelle Calderon

Keegan Gibbs

Photographer from Malibu, California that records relationships with his friends, his love for surf, and skate culture all under the westcoast sun.

Contributed by Nelson Pereira

The sunset last night was so pretty.

Contributed by Caitlin Reicher

photo by Chelsie Burkhart

Chelsie is a local photographer--I graduated with her younger brother--who frequently does wedding shoots, senior portraits, family photos, baby photos, and other such type of shoots. From her FaceBook page: "Photographing portraits and fashion in the central and southeastern parts of Ohio. Traveling on occasion and by request. I am a 22 year old portrait photographer based out of Columbus, OH. I am beginning my 3rd year as a photographer and love every single second of it. Capturing life, expressions, and meaning is the essence of why I am a photographer. I value real people and bringing their personalities out in their portraits. Im also an avid fashion enthusiast. Some could say I am a makeup and clothing hoarder and find it exciting working with various materials, especially when thrown in a shoot. Take a look around on my page, enjoy the art that I can bring to the world. Visit my website at where I showcase some of my most original work that truly speaks my style."

Contributed by Caitlin Reicher

A photo I took of a simple purple flower

Contributed by Haleigh Peck

This is an example of what a teenage photography portfolio might look like.

Contributed by Hector Montalvo

I'm a Sophomore at Texas A&M University-Kingsville in desperate need of scholarships to help me follow my dreams. Follow me on Instagram for more amazing photos! :)

Contributed by Kaitlin Ramos

float on

Contributed by Alexa Alyssa Labrada