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State diving

This picture was taken of me during state diving! Funniest picture ever taken!

Contributed by Kelsey Cooper

1950 Mustang

I took this during a show and shine I attended! This is my dream car!

Contributed by Kelsey Cooper

Funny photos you can do on your own

Good way to spruce of that Facebook page!

Contributed by Josh Milligan

Jump Start Your Life

This picture reminds me to jump INTO life. Don't ever quit when life gets you down. Keep going. Jump! Be excited! Life is god!

Contributed by Ashley Mejia


I took this picture last fourth of July. The carnival feel and bright colors that this picture holds, remind me of summer and the fun festivities that go down during this season of celebration.

Contributed by Ashley Mejia

A jagged landing in Turkey.

Contributed by Brian Roney

With all those black and white films and photographs, sometimes I find it difficult to imagine the past in color. I unconsciously picture different decades in time based on the color quality of the media (ex. dingy off colored photographs from the 1970s). Here are some historic images restored in color. It's a pretty awesome sight. The link below has even more restored photos.

Contributed by Taylor Jackson

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Contributed by Vale Siegrist


Contributed by Alicia Kimberly Hauskins