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I just love this one.

Contributed by Courtney Eppes

Unknown Name

Photographer: Tay Bassi Model: Emily Ann

Contributed by Courtney Meunier


Photographer: Shenangalis Photography Model: Miss Twisted

Contributed by Courtney Meunier

Unknown name

Photographer: Steven Markham Model:Bonnie Jaqueline

Contributed by Courtney Meunier

"The Journey"

Photographer: Mercia Moseley

Contributed by Courtney Meunier

"Secret Gate"

Photography by Redtro- Fotografie Model:Stephanie Blue

Contributed by Courtney Meunier

An Entire Year in One Photo!

A photo was taken from the same place every day in the year. A sliver of each photo is used in this composition to represent that day! It is really cool to see the changes throughout the year all in one photo!!

Contributed by Katie Otradovec

Taking a Walk on the Wild Side

It just captures a sight that shows that humans and animals aren't so different.

Contributed by Samantha Zilaitis

Simple yet Elegant

Every girl should be able to feel beautiful in her own way.

Contributed by Nikita Lazera

One World

Love how they all chose to hold hands here. Symbolizes togetherness and with the Earth in the background, this is amazing.

Contributed by Danielle Gortsema