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Multiple Exposure

touch me

Contributed by Kristin Evans

Can you guess what this is?

Something ordinary can turn into something extraordinary if you look at it at the right angle

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Looking Up at Flagpole

This is a photo I took where I managed to look at the world straight up at a flagpole.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Flan Abstract

This is a flan but somehow it looks like there's bacteria in it. This is when food doesn't look like food.

Contributed by Sam Feldstone

Photography by the sea

I have always loved taking pictures of the perfect moment when I see it. Every shot I take is unique to the one before it. I have fallen head over heals with different angles, apature, and lighting for that one photo that takes people's breath away.

Contributed by Melissa Newell

Why I love Photography

Photography to me is catching the beauty in things that you would never normally see and the story behind the picture. This boat was brought up after a storm in San Diego, the boat just sitting there was beautiful and looked like it was reaching for the water.

Contributed by Briana Ricketts

My Home

This is a photograph done by my senior picture photographer (Maribel Sotto). She has my gratitude for capturing my home, my life, my everything. What is a home? For me it is where the people that you love, that you care, and that you would do anything for and would do the same is. I just love bragging about my family, because even though there was no father, and others might call mine a broken family. We survived, I survive and became who I am today. Photography is the best! It captures the moments that matter most. #frameoflifephotography

Contributed by Leah Marie Ingreso Venenoso


This photograph is from Jake Olsen Studios from Blair, Nebraska. Featured on his Facebook page, this photograph received 11K likes!

Contributed by Kelli Niemeier


I met this little girl on one of my recent volunteer trips to Haiti - Now, how beautiful is this little girl? The innocence in her eyes is just breathtaking. Definitely a moment in time I will never forget as I held her hand and sang creole melodies.

Contributed by Courtney Talak

The Man Behind the Photo

This image titled "Afghan Girl" is credited as the most recognized in the history of National Geographic - and I'd argue one of the most recognized in the history of photography. The man behind the camera is Steve McCurry, an accomplished photojournalist who photographs the impact on the human face of war in places of civil and international conflict. This photo was one of the many instances where he willingly put himself in danger as he illegally crossed the Pakistan boarder disguised in customary garments under which he’d sewn rolls of film into his clothes. View more of Steve McCurry's work and learn more about this extraordinary photographer in the link below!

Contributed by Courtney Talak