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The Philippines (/ˈfɪlɪpnz/ ( listen); Filipino: Pilipinas [ˌpɪlɪˈpinɐs] or Filipinas [ˌfɪlɪˈpinɐs]), officially the Republic of the Philippines is a unitary sovereign and archipelagic country in Southeast Asia. Situated in the western Pacific Ocean, it consists of about 7,641 islands that are categorized broadly under three main geographical divisions from north to south: Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The capital city of the Philippines is Manila and the most populous city is Quezon City, both part of Metro Manila. Bounded by the South China Sea on the west, the Philippine Sea on the east and the Celebes Sea on the southwest, the Philippines shares maritime borders with Taiwan to the north, Vietnam to the west, Palau to the east and Malaysia and Indonesia to the south.

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Crystal Cove

The water is just as beautiful~

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

Philippines picture

Boracay is very nice

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

The Philippines is so beautiful :)

The next few pictures are all taken by me!

Contributed by Hannah Estrella

School Activity in the Philippines

Ever since I was a child I had participated in different school activities. One of my favorite is the United Nation Activity that we did in my old high school. We dressed up to the countries we were assigned and then eventually came together to dance surrounding the whole school with people who wore the different costumes of the nations they were assigned. It symbolized that people from different parts of the world can come together and celebrate in harmony.

Contributed by Leah Marie Ingreso Venenoso


Picture of me participating in the Sagala Princess Parade at the Philippines in Manila.

Contributed by Dominique Schultz

Best beaches in the Philippines

Contributed by Kacie Sadorra

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