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Personal fulfillment

Personal fulfilment is achievement of life goals which are important to an individual, in contrast to the goals of society, family and other collective obligations.

Personal fulfilment is an ongoing journey for a human individual. It commences when an individual starts becoming conscious of oneself and one's surroundings. It is then that one's exploration begins to realize what one is capable of. Like the tentative steps of a child that invariably lead to a few falls followed by seeking for some help from people around. Then the joy of achievement when one can successfully take a few steps without falling. The appreciation of people around is a key component of achieving personal fulfilment. It is invariably followed by a sense of habituality (i.e., being able to perform any act, such as walking, habitually). Then boredom. Followed by a yearning for the next horizon, whatever it may be for an individual.

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A great webinar with Chalene Johnson and Brian Tracy, two of many leaders in personal achievement. They talk about how people fulfill themselves in life, and why 80% of people have been drifting without grabbing onto success.

Contributed by Sammo Lea

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