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Pattern 1861 Enfield musketoon

The Pattern 1861 Enfield musketoon was a short-barrel version (610mm or 24 inches) of the Pattern 1853 Enfield rifled musket, having a faster rifling twist rate (1:48 versus 1:78), along with more rifling grooves (five grooves versus the Pattern 1853's three grooves), which made it more accurate than the original rifle. The shorter rifle was therefore easier to carry and reload.

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An interesting video by Youtube-user hickock45. It gives an extended history lesson, and demonstrates the use of a 1861 Enfield musketoon reproduction, by Parker Hale Ltd., created using the same tools used to create the originals. It's 30 minutes long, but well worth the watch to learn about this firearm!

Contributed by Sean Gay

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