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Palila v. Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources

Palila v. Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources was an ecological court case pertaining to the Palila and the Māmane-Naio ecosystem of Mauna Kea. The case stems from the introduction of goats and sheep onto Hawaii island in the late 18th century, which became feral and damaged the local ecosystem. Before the 1920s elimination program was completed, it was replaced with a game control plan that caused controversy between hunters and conservationists. Claiming that the state of Hawaii was violating the Endangered Species Act, a suit was filed to the Ninth District Court; as a result the state was ordered to eradicate all feral animals on the island within two years. A public hunting program was put in place, and has been largely effective; the Palila has begun to recover, and the case demonstrated federal power to protect endangered species.

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The importance of having animals on our island is essential. For many who live here, it is a way of life. We hunt to survive. Without the animals, there is nothing. Yes, the eradication of animals have helped to bring the Palila population back, but the Mamane forests have not. Can't they see that it isn't the sheep and goats who MAINLY contributed to the problem? The birds came back but the forests haven't. Sheep and goats are scarce on this part of the land. So if they are scarce, why haven't the forests returned? Think about it.

Contributed by Courtney Tanaka

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