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Pakistan Painter Heraa Khan

The Jealous Curator says: "Flowers in full bloom, and beautiful, happy, lipstick-wearing ladies… ♥! This work was sent to me by Heraa Khan, an artist from Pakistan. She describes herself as a “miniature painter”, not because she’s miniature {I’m pretty sure}, but because most of her work is as small as 2.5″x4″ – these are gigantic compared to that, coming in at around 9″x13″… and, she makes everything herself. I mean, everything: the paper, the paintbrushes, and the paint {which she keeps in sea shells!}."

Contributed by Kathryn Vercillo

Cakes by Wayne Thiebaud

Wayne Thiebaud is a famous contemporary artist who is known for his rich paintings of cakes. If you've ever seen any of his paintings up close, you can see the painting slathered onto the canvas almost like icing layered on a cake.

Contributed by Grace Li-Haug

I remember seeing this in a textbook and being taken by this painting. For the life of me, I can't remember the name but I love this painting so much. They look so in love and I'm interested in what they are drawing or writing.

Contributed by Raena Cornett-Nard

This is a painting by a friend of mine, Christa Lynn Sadeghian. She is an amazing artist and photographer. She is a very creative woman, and you should totally look her up because she really is an amazing artist.

Contributed by Joseph Perry

Chiaroscuro--A type of lighting used in painting and used in early German Expressionist films that shows a high contrast between the bright light and dark shadows.

Contributed by Bridget LaMonica

Fantasy painting. A dream like state but with a darker interperetation.

Contributed by Ashlyn Camille Smith

Painting of a landscape scene.Using acrylic paints. very shape centered piece using feel of thick and full forest area.

Contributed by Ashlyn Camille Smith

My first time using watercolors. Sorry, I am still an amateur.

Contributed by Mary Nguyen

This is a very interesting take on the Mona Lisa

Contributed by Clare Liming