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Outer Banks

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The OBX is great for its decent but not deadly waves in the ocean as well as its calm sound perfect for kayaking/canoeing and other various boating activities.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

A great attraction in the Outer Banks. Check out the dunes in Kitty Hawk if you get the chance. Its a hike!

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

Many great fishing opportunities in the OBX area.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

If you live anywhere on the East Coast, you most likely see these everywhere.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

Probably the best way to go at the Outer Banks.... Beachfront:)

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

That great view as you begin a day on the beaches of OBX:)

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

The Outer Banks is a GREAT place to take your dog to the beach and let your buddy take a dip in the ocean. Just a great family vacation place in general.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

The famous Wright Brothers museum. Home of the "First Flight". Neat part of history if you are at all interested in airplanes.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

Another great site to direct you to a great vacation in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

One of my favorite villages to stay at in the OBX of NC. I've gone there since I was a kid and have since ventured north to Kitty Hawk and Duck, but check out Nags Head's Village Realty for some great family fun everybody can enjoy.

Contributed by Stephen Edwards

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