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looks yummy!

Contributed by Alex Harms

Yummy! (enlarged to show detail (;

Contributed by Alondra Velasquez

quick and easy & delightful all time favorite snack (:

Contributed by Alondra Velasquez

that's one tall oreo

Contributed by Tammy Mangum

Does it work?

i saw this online and tried it, but my cookies fell apart :'( Does it work for anyone else?

Contributed by Melly Lily

Can't get enough of the Limited Edition Oreo

I've made it a goal to try all Limited/Special edition Oreos

Contributed by Dashea Franklin

I love eating it as a snack, although unhealthy.

Contributed by Hoko Le

As a part of a new ad campaign by Oreo, the cookie-people revealed how far people would go to separate the cream from the rest of the crop. And it all began with a physicist named David Neevel.

Contributed by Edward Kang

Something interesting and odd about Oreos is that even though they're filled with "creme", which should contain dairy, they are actually listed as a food that's vegan. This means that there is no dairy in Oreo cookies. Huh. . .Odd. Haha.

Contributed by Michelle Dewey

This video is too funny.. This Is a MUST WATCH

Contributed by Angel Gonzalez