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Wonderfilled by Owl City. Definitely a nice catchy tune!

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Limited time only at Target stores. Watermelon Oreos.

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There are many types of oreos. One is peppermint sprinkles. They have had an orange one. They have had a neopolitan one. They have had an ice cream one. There are mint oreos. Other oreos are fudge covered oreos or even the traditional oreos with the cream in the middle. Also, they have oreos that are for a limited time.

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"Oreo Balls" Complete with photos and directions

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Oreo Cheesecake Cake

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Oreo Rice Krispie Treats

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 1950 – Oh!, Oh! Oreo!  1980 – For the Kid in All of Us  1982 – America‟s Best Loved Cookie  1982 – The One and Only  1986 – Who‟s The Kid with the Oreo Cookie?  1990 – Oreo, The Original Twister  2004 – Milk‟s Favorite Cookie

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United States:  Triple Double Oreo  Oreo Fudge Cremes: Peanut Butter and Golden  Double Stuf Oreo Heads or Tails China:  Oreo green tea ice cream: Oreo cookie with green tea ice cream flavor crème with a cooling sensation that simulates ice cream.  Oreo wafers: Oreo in a traditional wafer cookie form that‟s popular in China  Oreo Double-Fruit in Orange & Mango and Raspberry & Blueberry crème. Indonesia:  Oreo Vanilla  Oreo Chocolate  Oreo Double Delight (Chocolate and Peanut)  Oreo Strawberry  Oreo Blueberry Ice Cream  Oreo Orange Ice Cream  Oreo Golden Vanilla Argentina:  OREO “x3” (pronounced “Por Tres”) cookie, introduced in 2010. Inspiration for the US TRIPLE DOUBLE OREO cookie, the OREO x3 features three layers of cookie, and two layers of creme.  Oreo Duo. Oreo cookie, with a layer of creme featuring two complementary “half and half” flavors. Two varieties: Strawberry and vanilla; banana and dulce de leche.  Oreo Alfajor: Three layers of Oreo cookie and crème covered in chocolate in the form of a traditional Argentine snack cake. Mexico:  Oreo Trio Chocolate: three different chocolates in the same Oreo … one per each cookie and a third in the crème  Oreo Cookies & Crème: Oreo with Cookies & Crème filling  Oreo Double Stuf  Oreo Dark Fudge  Oreo White Fudge

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The first Oreo cookie was sold in Hoboken, NJ, where Oreo was originally packaged in bulk tins and sold by weight. Back then, grocers paid USD $0.30 cents/lb for Oreo.

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Oreo Flavors

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