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Optical illusion

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20 Optical Illusions that might break you mind. I looked at them and some of them are pretty amazing.

Contributed by Jazmin Luna

These are 9 classic illusions that all make the brain work. The 10th one can be ignored as it was a jke by the creators of the video.

Contributed by Leviticus Gilliard

Now that's what I call high definition!!

Contributed by Alyssa Green

Don't fall

Contributed by Jazmin Luna

Street art

Contributed by Jazmin Luna

Floating Cube optical illusion

Contributed by Kyle Whitley

Try it!

Contributed by Melanie Martinez

The old witch/ beautiful woman illusion.

Contributed by Kandi Smith

These chalk drawings always make you look twice when they are captured on camera, but I wonder, if I were standing on this drawing would I get vertigo?

Contributed by Kandi Smith

Optical Illusions In Advertising I couldn't find the commercial online anywhere, but I remember in the 90's when Apple Jacks fist came out with the green O's. They had a commercial which used an optical illusion. A single Peach colored Apple Jack was shown against a white screen. Viewers were instructed to stare at the Apple Jack, then it was taken off the screen and if you had followed the instructions then you could see a Green O left on the screen. I always thought it was a brilliant commercial. Optical illusions are kind of like magic, especially to a kid watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Contributed by Kandi Smith