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Optical illusion

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Do you see a man or the word "Liar"?

Contributed by Megan Turner

This is so crazy!

Contributed by Megan Turner

Giant coke bottle or epic painting?

Some artist can blow your mind.

Contributed by Joseph Perry

Its strange how easily our mind can be tricked.

Contributed by Aide Lopez

What do you see?

The classic duck and or bunny illusion.

Contributed by Evangeline Nguyen

What do you see?

You would think that this is just a picture of a person on a horse... but if you look again, you'll find that there are faces everywhere

Contributed by Alice Yih

What do you see?

Is this staircase right-side-up or upside down?

Contributed by Alice Yih

I think this man is calling you a liar.

Contributed by Alice Yih

Dot Illusion...

Contributed by Rochelle Warren

The best illusions I think are the ones that require some thinking and when you finally crack it you feel a sense of accomplishment.

Contributed by Woodly Paul