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Open the Dream Gate Championship

The Open the Dream Gate Championship is the top professional wrestling title in Japanese promotion Dragon Gate. The wrestler who holds it is considered the top singles wrestler in Dragon Gate. It was created on July 4, 2004 when Cima was awarded the title as a result of being the last Último Dragón Gym Champion. The title belt's face has a "gate" on it which contains a plate with the titleholders' name. Any official challenger for the belt carries a key used to open the gate with, and should they win the title, then they can open the gate and put their name inside it. However, if the title is successfully defended, then the key is added to the belt as a symbol of that successful defense. There have been a total of 13 recognized champions who have had a combined 22 official reigns.

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Ricochet is the first ever foreign-born Open the Dream Gate Champion in Dragon Gate history.

Contributed by Jason Arhin

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