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Due to the fact that One Direction is a "boyband," many assume that they aren't talented, or that they aren't successful; however, contrary to popular belief, One Direction have made quite an impact in the world. During their first year as a band, the boys performed as the opening act for Big Time Rush during their tour; the following year (2012), One Direction performed worldwide for their "Up All Night" album with a theater tour. In 2013, One Direction toured worldwide once more for the "Take Me Home" arena tour; while on the "Take Me Home" tour, the gentlemen announced a tour for the following year "Where We Are" which is to be a stadium tour worldwide. In addition, One Direction is scheduled to release a fragrance by the name of "Our Moment" August 25; also, on August 30, "This Is Us" (a movie about the One Direction experience) premieres in theaters. As if these accomplishments weren't enough, One Direction has also been nominated for 113 awards thus far, and has won 68; varying from "Best British Single" to "International Album of the Year" all in a span of almost three years as a band. One Direction's new single "Best Song Ever" will be released on July 22 and their latest album on August 19. In addition, One Direction has an extremely large and supportive fanbase who, according to E! News are "some seriously loyal fans." In Conclusion, these young men have not only been extremely successful, but have affected the lives of millions of youth throughout the world.

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"The band that lost the X Factor but won the world"

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Louis Tomlinson's first name is notoriously hard for people to pronounce correctly when first reading it. Throughout his life, teachers and friends had always pronounced his name as, "Lewis," rather than "Louis" as it is written. He had given up on correcting people and had been going by the incorrect pronunciation for so many years that he actually became more comfortable with it than his real name. It wasn't until Simon pronounced it as "Louis" on X-Factor that he returned to pronouncing his name as it was intended to be pronounced.

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First auditions as individuals on X Factor UK

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Having been together for only 3 years, this British-Irish band has made strides and broken records that only the greats have come close to reaching. They are an inspiration to me as well as other kids to follow your dreams. Seeing five boys around the same age as me fulfill their dreams, lifts my spirits and keeps me going. I hope they keep up the good work and can't wait to see how far they go in life.

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In 2013, the boys decided to release a single as a way to fundraise money for the British charity, Comic Relief. They created their own music video, One Way Or Another (Teenage Kicks), using footage they filmed while they were on tour and all the money they saved by making the video will go to the charity. The charity helps people "all over Africa and in the UK with really tough lives". This is the product of their endeavor.

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