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Olive loaf

The term olive loaf can refer to two different food products. Primarily, it is a type of meatloaf or cold cut embedded with pimento-stuffed green olives. A secondary meaning is that of olive bread, a bread where the loaf of bread is laced with whole olives. The luncheon meat often also contains garlic, basil or sweet peppers for additional flavor. Olive loaf is a loaf-type luncheon meat, traditionally cooked in a loaf pan as opposed to a sausage cooked in a casing. Higher quality olive loaf is primarily beef and pork while less expensive olive loaf contains mostly chicken or turkey. Since most less expensive bologna is made from similar meats, and since many companies now cook olive loaf in sleeves to give it a round appearance, it is a common misconception that olive loaf is a sausage like bologna.

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A HowCast on how to make olive bread. The ingredient list is located in the video description.

Contributed by Sammo Lea

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