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Ohio high school athletic conferences

This is a list of high school athletic conferences in Ohio, separated by Ohio High School Athletic Association (OHSAA) region. Some conferences have schools in multiple regions, and will be listed in all applicable regions. However, the conference information is on the region page where the most schools are classified in.

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I played basketball for 4 years before my freshmen year at Johnstown Monroe highschool. I wasn't the best player I played the game for the fun of it. I didn't see the floor very often i rarely played but I never stopped cheering for my team and my school. My juonior year i was cut from the team but I talked to my coach after the first game of the Season about being back on the team because being on that team meant the world to me my coach gave me a chance and I never played harder than I did my last year of basketball. I never thought I would get my chance to play one last time and that memory I will Charish the rest of y life and I will never forget playing for the fighting johnnies. My advice I can give anyone is to never stop trying and work hard every time weather is on the court in the weight room even in the classroom. Because if you show people that your willing to work hard your showing the world that you can handle anything that gets thrown your way.

Contributed by Josh Smith

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