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Baby octopus size

Contributed by Rochelle Warren

Octopi are well-known for the many different tactics they've developed for protecting themselves. One interesting species of octopi that well-exemplifies its ability of self defense is the Indonesian mimic octopus. Apart from typical camouflage, this octopus has learned to mimic other deadly creatures of the sea. It not only changes its color and shape, but it also changes its behavior to best emulate a predator.

Contributed by Katerina Esquenazi

The plural form for more than one octopus of ONE species is Octopi. However, the plural form for MANY species is Octopuses.

Contributed by Stephanie Switalski

The cells that allow octopi to change their color are called chromatophores. One of the best examples of active chromatophores belongs Blue Ringed Octopus, who can pulse their rings blue as a warning.

Contributed by Stephanie Switalski

Octopi are so intelligent that the UK declared them as honorary vertebrates.

Contributed by Keri Potter

Those octopi might just love you right back, with all three of their hearts.

Contributed by Keri Potter

Octopi are incredibly flexible. If their beak can fit through a certain hole, then the rest of their body can too.

Contributed by Meagan Stephenson

This octopus camouflages with the boat once it's fished out of the water.

Contributed by Alexandria Blaise

Octopus are extremely smart and can completely camouflage their body to blend in with the ocean floor.

Contributed by Allison Crisp